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Proud to support those who CARE

Over a quarter of the UK population is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day. We know the amazing work you do, often behind the scenes, in all weathers and with no regard for public holidays. But do others? It’s time to raise the public profile of social care and recognise the 9 million care workers and carers helping others across the UK today.

The CARE™ badge is a unifying symbol of pride in our social care champions; those providing, receiving and supporting care. It is a clear demonstration of your pride in the quality work you do and our appreciation for the care and support we receive. It is long overdue recognition for the 2 million people employed in care outside the NHS, as well as the 7 million more unpaid carers across the UK.

“We wanted to congratulate you on such a simple and impactful initiative.”

CARE badge supporter

Post pictures of you proudly wearing the badge and share your own care stories on social media. Start conversations about the quality of care benefitting the nation and help raise the profile of this crucial service and the esteem in which both social care and its participants are held.

“Brilliant idea and we’ll be thrilled to acknowledge the wonderful work our staff do to make a difference to our residents.”

CARE badge supporter

What is the CARE badge?

The CARE badge is a unifying symbol of pride and quality in care. The CARE badge campaign was launched at the end of June 2019 at The Residential & Home Care Show at ExCel London and only a few days later was being worn by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, The Rt Hon Matt Hancock. While the significance of wearing the CARE badge is personal to you, benefits include:

  • Showing your involvement with and/or support of care in its many forms
  • Building your team spirit within a widely distributed care community
  • Your personal commitment to quality in care
  • Your invitation to start conversations about care
  • Encouraging recruitment and retention in care
  • Reinforcing the size and importance of this often-overlooked community.

Sadly, the huge amount of work that is done by millions of care workers – paid and unpaid – often goes unnoticed and unrecognised. With your and your employer’s support, the CARE Badge can help change that:

  • Who knows that you are the care worker regularly putting in 12 hour working days?
  • Who knows that you are a carer juggling your employment with caring for a family member?
  • Who knows that you dedicate your career or your spare time to improving the wellbeing of others?
  • Who knows that you really appreciate the care your family member receives?
  • Who knows that you CARE?

Wear the CARE badge and be proud of everything that you do because we are very proud of you!

Where can I get the CARE badge?

You don’t have to work in professional care, like Victoria here, to show your appreciation of those who do. One in every eight people in the UK is either a paid or unpaid carer so you are highly likely to know someone who cares.

Where can I get the CARE™ badge?

Organisations can order the CARE badge using the Buy Now buttons on this page and we will deliver them, along with a display box (for orders of 500 or more badges), to your company or charity.

We don’t believe that you as individuals should be asked to pay to show how much you CARE. Please ask your employer to buy a box of badges, demonstrate their appreciation by handing them out for free and show that they too CARE.

As the CARE badge campaign gathers even more momentum, the number of companies and charities providing badges for free across the UK will continue to grow. Watch our PARTNERS PAGE to see the proud brands showing that they too CARE.

The CARE badge is sold online by the CARE badge CIC (community interest company) primarily to companies, charities and other organisations that wish to show they CARE.

Badge purchasers are typically from the care industry as well as those national corporations supportive of social care and the carers in their own workforce e.g. supermarkets, banks, insurance companies, pharmacies etc. who then make badges available for free to their employees and customers.

Badges cost £1.20 each including VAT and there is a minimum order size of 100, with a choice of three fixing styles; butterfly pin, magnetic and brooch to suit both care and non-care settings.

Badge purchasers also have the right to use the CARE badge logo in their marketing materials to highlight that they too CARE.

CARE badges can be ordered now and we aim to deliver within two weeks of payment being received online. Due to the significant demand we are experiencing, delivery may take up to six weeks depending upon stock availability and the badge type selected.

Frequently asked questions

How much of what’s raised goes to charity?

Between 30p and 45p in the £1.20 (inc VAT) is distributed to charities, depending upon the mix of fastening types chosen (for example magnetic fastenings are more expensive than butterfly), as well as postage and taxes.

Why does it cost £1.20?

The £1.20 price includes VAT and was selected to adequately cover the manufacturing, packaging, postage costs and associated taxes, while also offering three fastening options and being clear value to purchasers requiring large numbers. By being free to individuals and affordable for employers, the CARE badge can be worn on its own or just as easily be worn alongside your company pin or favourite charity badge.

What does the care badge look like?

Where does the money raised from the CARE badge go?

There are no management fees or administrative expenses charged (these expenses are covered for free by everyLIFE) and all profits are distributed to care-related charities across the UK. Charities are suggested online by carers and care workers and charity beneficiaries are selected by a committee of care professionals.

How can I help?

Tell others about the badge and ask your employer to show that they too CARE.

Buy some CARE badges, distribute them for free to your employees and customers and share pictures and stories of how you CARE on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @carebadge #badge4care

Can we offer additional support or buy more badges than we need ourselves?

Yes. Organisations with few employees or commercial outlets that wish to provide more support but receive less badges can buy and donate them to the “CARE badge pool”. Badges in the pool are distributed at care events for free by The CARE Badge CIC (Community Interest Company) with reference being made to the donor.

How do I get the CARE badge logo and when can I use it?

Purchasers of the CARE badge are sent a high definition logo when receipt of their badge payment has been confirmed. This can be used in your company’s marketing materials to highlight that you too CARE.

Once ordered can I resell the CARE badge?

Once ordered, the CARE badge must be distributed for free and cannot be resold. The CARE badge CIC reserves the right to take action against individuals or organisations reselling the badge.

The story behind the CARE badge

The CARE badge was born on the 19th of March 2019 while listening to Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by those providing care and the unfortunate message that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care inadvertently sends by only wearing an NHS lapel badge.

The Chairman of everyLIFE Technologies, sitting in the audience turned to his colleague and said, “We should work with Care England to change that”. After a hastily convened discussion with Professor Green in the corridors of the conference venue, the CARE badge was born.

Can I get a CARE badge box?

Each order of 500 badges or more comes with one free CARE badge display box. Additional boxes are available and large companies wishing to provide CARE badges across their network can specify how many boxes they would like when ordering a high volume of badges.

Get in touch

All profits from the CARE badge are distributed to care-related charities across the UK. To recommend a care charity beneficiary please contact us.